Digital Archiving

Archiving and accessing important customer documentation has never been easier.

Built with both users and customers in mind, our archiving systems allows customer service representatives, call centre operators and all other internal users to search the unified customer information in a secure archive, improving both company productivity and the customer experience.

Fast access to accurate business information is essential for effective multichannel communications, but the vast range of documents and data found in most organizations can be hard to manage. We can make life simpler by pooling content from any source and providing easy online access for your customers, colleagues and business partners. We can also help you meet your legal and regulatory archiving obligations by employing a combination of encryption, security, versioning and data retention rules.

Proven document storage solutions that are both secure and scalable.

Unlike many archival solutions that have grown from ‘records management’ architectures, our purpose built ZipArchive has been designed with users and customers in mind. It provides a digital snapshot of a customer’s inbound and outbound communications inclusive of post, emails, voice, SMS and Web Chat providing a single customer view of all of your interactions.

The ZipArchive also works in conjunction with other customer self-serve portals, allowing your customers access to their historical documents, significantly reducing in house phone traffic and the time taken to manage their service requests.