Essential Mail

Engage with your customers where it matters most via their preferred channel.

Transactional Mail

Transactional documents such as your statements, bills and invoices are amongst the most important and frequent communications you have with your customers. The need for effective and timely delivery of your transactional documents is critical in today’s environment. At Zipform Digital, we enable you to communicate with your customers by their channel of choice.

Our Digital Technology

Zipform have been full colour inkjet printing specialist since 2005 and early adoption of this technology has led to reducing costs and increasing customer engagement through targeted messaging. Our state of the art digital technology and on-site mailing facilities can help you deliver essential mail quickly, accurately, efficiently, by mail or online securely.

Essential Mail - Digital Technology
Essential Mail - Digital Transformation

Successfully implementing your Digital Transformation Strategy.

Digital Transformation

Creating a successful multi-channel experience can seem intimidating to many companies, who may wonder if the effort is worth it. However, the reality is that customers today expect to be given more communication options by their service providers. We can help you successfully implement your Digital Transformation Strategy when both you and your customers are ready.

Some of the key benefits of taking a multi-channel approach to communicating with your customers include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction as they receive communications by their channel of choice.
  • Increased customer response in terms of making payment or taking action.
  • Incorporate personalised marketing message.