Solutions that drive revenue without breaking the bank.

We have developed unique integration applications which will allow you to incorporate your choice of payment system to automate your electronic billing, payments, receipting and collections while meeting all PCI Compliance requirements. Automation of accounts receivable also produces several benefits to both the business and its customers including business efficiencies and improvements in collections ratios. 

payment system
payment system

Key Benefits of this unique system:

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Pre population of payment gateway
  • Mobile friendly payment options
  • Improved visibility for customer bad debt position and collections success
  • Reduction in reminder postage cost
  • Improvement in delivery of reminder notices
  • Improvement in “Promise to Pay” ratio.
  • Improvement in collections ratio
  • Reduction in Accounts on Hold

B-Pay View

Zipform is a certified Billing Solution Provider for BPAY VIEW and have developed our own application that integrates with the BPAY HUB application. We provide our customers their own interface to administer and authorize new accounts and provide detailed reporting out of the box.